Recovery Link & Resources

A Go-To List for New Information and Resources on Mental Health & Endocrine Issues (this page is continually being worked on and is not meant to be exhaustive

Advocacy Unlimited – a Connecticut organization based on the recovery model, run by and for people struggling with mental health issues and addiction. They provide many crucial resources across the state, including services for young, emerging adults, a holistic center known as Toivo (in Hartford, CT), as well as Recovery University – a program educating people with lived experience to be Recovery Support Specialists (also known as: Peer Supporters) to help advocate for those struggling in the mental health system.

Hearing Voices Network – this is a revolutionary organization that embraces a different view of “hearing voices, seeing visions or other unusual experiences”, commonly known as a symptom of Psychosis. At HVN, folks who hear voices are not automatically considered ‘sick’ but are free to interpret their experiences in any way that assists them in their own recovery. I am proud to call myself a trained Hearing Voices Group Facilitator, since 2016.

Mad In America – an online publication, posting thought-provoking articles, news and blogs critiquing the biomedical, drug-based model of Psychiatry, many of which are written by people who’ve survived oppressive circumstances. They are another non-profit and a much-needed operation in the quest for alternatives in mental health. They also update regularly. One huge thumbs-up!

Stop The Thyroid Madness – A site packed with info on Natural Dissected Thyroid (or NDT) and other endocrine information, helping to question the status quo around Endocrinology and Thyroid treatment. This one is special for me considering my own condition (Congenital Hypothyroidism) – NDT treatment saved my quality of life when synthetic thyroid was failing me in my mid-twenties. Anyone struggling with their current Synthetic regimen of Synthroid or Levothyroxine (or has a loved one who may be) should definitely check out this one!