Birthday Reflections: My Story

Me Practicing Mindfulness Beneath a Summer Sun

My birthday was two days ago. It’s usually a time of intense reflection, gratitude and renewed insights…

Isn’t greater wisdom the one trade-off for our slowly tapering youth?..

I’ve always thought so.

I’m obsessed with knowledge…

Absorbing, consuming, chewing, reflecting and then dispensing it to anyone who wants to know.

And while it may still feel so 2004, in the last few months, I’ve noticed a need for… a blog.

Why this blog? Well, firstly, endocrine health. I was born without a Thyroid gland and have struggled with a learning impairment throughout school. Early on, I realized that there’s surprisingly little info about this congenital abnormality – one that would have rippling effects throughout my life.

Especially when my twenties rolled around (after being diagnosed with Bipolar at 18 years old) my life became a hub of chaos. I’d struggled with mental health issues and it took a good while to get my bearings.

Recovery Support Work helped show me a new path.

Buddhist practice and alternative understandings of mental health challenges empowered me to seek new avenues for my own care.

Finding work I was passionate about helped me forage a new way ahead.

I began to eat differently, developed a Yoga practice and dropped several of the toxic meds I’d taken for years. I switched from synthetic Thyroid hormone to Natural Dissected Thyroid hormone and it changed my health (and quality of life) to this day.

There’s so much misinformation out there in terms of healthcare, especially Mental and Endocrine health.

People are not given enough choices and for those locked in the psychiatric system especially, the environment still stifles the people who would speak, but who cannot. They’re gagged by years of being told they’re sick and not to expect much from their lives…

The Psychiatric system still propagates the “biomedical model” above all other theories. Everything is considered a chemical imbalance, and while meds do help some people, they are grossly overemphasized… as if everything we are revolves around neurons. Floating brains in a vat…

Meanwhile, the Endocrine Association still pushes Synthroid as a go-to Thyroid med for Hypothyroidism, even when the majority of patients prefer Natural Dissected Thyroid, (such as Armor Thyroid, NatureThroid, Or NP Thyroid).

On my own journey, I had to take charge of my Healthcare. Sometimes, I wonder where I would be if I had just passively taken “doctors orders” and not sought other options for myself. I probably would have still been on heavy, psychiatric meds and Synthetic Thyroid, getting sicker every year.

Please note: I am not claiming that what worked for me will definitely work for you. Every individual is different and every situation is case by case.

But I will say…

  • Asking questions helps.
  • Doing thorough research on any health conditions helps.
  • Exploring other options (and seeking out second opinions) helps, when something about conventional treatment doesn’t work, for whatever reason.
  • Keeping in mind that most people are out to sell you something helps, especially monolithic pharmaceutical companies.. or online snakeoil salesmen, selling false “cures…” – please refer to second bullet point…
  • It’s up to you to be your own advocate and not just a customer.

Unlike my twenties, my thirties have been encompassed by a vision and mission as a Recovery Specialist (Who says we can’t get better with age?), where I can help others seek a greater variety of options.

I know my journey is only one of many and I still have bad days, harmful thoughts, which plague my mind and make the world gray – meaningless. Life isn’t without its bumps, of course…

I don’t claim to have answers, only a desire to help people ask questions.

Questions are like compasses, helping our search go onward – and finding the Voice who calls, wherever it is.

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